David Appalachian Crafts has been closed

The David Quilt (right) was presented to the Governor's office staff for Christmas 1982.

David Appalachian Crafts is also part of St. Vincent Mission and is an organization aiming at preserving traditional mountain crafts including beautiful patchwork quilts and pillow covers, baskets, pottery, painted gourds, fabric, Christmas ornaments and many other crafts. 

Founded in 1972 as a way to help area residents to improve the quality of their lives. Through its activities over 75 people are able to supplement their income.  During economic hardship, the members of this small community have come together to create the crafts that reflect the beauty of their homeland and to perpetuate the sense of community and self sufficiency that characterized their pioneer ancestors. 

Johnny Carson, Phyllis George, and Lee Meriweather are all customers of the ladies at David.  They have bought quilts, pillow tops and other items to give as Christmas gifts.