Emergency   Assistance Program & Wish List

Every family faces some type of crisis on occasion, but in the remote hollows of Eastern Kentucky the emergencies are intensified by isolation, poor roads and limited finances.

St. Vincent Mission gives Christian service to people by providing food, clothing, household items or assistance in reaching the proper agency where they can find help.  Help with an unexpected car repair, loss of home to fire, rent, medical needs or increase utility cost may also be given.

We require those we serve to, in turn serve with us here at the mission.  We want to provide an opportunity for others to experience the joy of serving as we do.  We do not desire to create dependance, but to assist with a need that arrises out of an unforeseen circumstances.

In 2019, St. Vincent Mission's Emergency Assistance Program provided 110 families with a utility bill payments, rent or mortgage payments, travel cost, in clothes, household needs, car repairs, etc. Families that were physically able provided volunteer work to receive this help.

If you are in need of assistance with a utility bill or any emergency needs stated above, please fill out the application below.  To qualify for this you must have a disconnect notice, be low income, and be willing to do volunteer work as a pay back for the assistance. 

Emergency Assistance Application

Send your Application to:



Mail to:

St. Vincent Mission

ATTN: Social Services Director

P.O. Box 232

David, KY 41616

Wish List:   Copy paper

                    Blankets & Pillows

                    Towels & Washcloths

                    Horse shoes

                    Long handle garden tools

                                 School Supplies (we have plenty of backpacks)


Please send donation to:

St. Vincent Mission                                  

P.O. Box 232                                     

David, KY 41616 

Or for packages please send to:

St. Vincent Mission

6369 Rt. 404 

David, KY 41616