Grow Appalachia






St. Vincent Mission is proud to be a part of the Grow Appalachia Program.  We are blessed to stand with may other agencies and individuals in Appalachia who champion home gardens, sustainability and community.  We have a community garden, high tunnel and a bee hive as part of our garden program. Our Garden Program Coordinator assists families in the area with starting a garden, improving an existing garden and also selling their produce at the Farmers Market.



Our goals are:

  • Teach sustainable organic gardening techniques that are environmentally friendly
  • Provide information on the most current and cost effective ways of cooking and preserving food to maximize nutrition
  • Encourage participants to develop garden plans that utilize the most efficient use of space with an emphasis on vertical gardening, succession planting and four season planting techniques to maximize crop yields
  • Distribute seeds, plants, soil enhancements, hand tools and soil testing to participants as needed
  • Demonstrate through home visits and the teaching garden at the Mission how to implement the techniques taught
  • Connect with the local Farmers Market and produce stands to introduce income potential for participants
  • Partner with local groups to create community gardens for private use or as an outreach to local food pantries


Your in-kind donations and/or willingness to volunteer to assist with the program are always appreciated. In so doing, you partner with us in continuing the work to transform lives and build an agricultural infrastructure that will assist in alleviating hunger and provide income opportunities for families in the Appalachian area for generations to come.


We are now accepting applications for our Garden Program!  This application must be completed and given to the Garden Program Coordinator at the first Grow Appalachia meeting of the year.


Grow Appalachia Application


Contact for more information or call 606.886.2513