Mission Stories

Career Readiness Program


This year was our first full year working with interns.  Our interns are individuals from our community who need a job.  They come to us in a variety of ways.  Some are looking for a job, some are referred by the local career center, some need other things when they come to us and we offer them an intern position.  Our goal is to help people provide for their own needs.  We want to see people have the dignity that is found in work. 

We believe that part of God’s design for our life is that we work and provide for the needs of our families and for the needs of others.  Some of the people that we work with have barriers to employment such as a criminal history, past drug problem or a lack of a work history.  Others are in between jobs and need a little extra income while they are searching for a permanent job.

As part of the internship, our interns take a course called Work Life.  We teach resume writing, interview skills, work place conflict resolution and overcoming barriers to employment.  We also teach that part of God’s design for our life involves working.  We want to show that we can have joy in our work and bring God glory by our work.

Our interns work with us two days a week.  They work in our garden program, home repair, woodworking, thrift store, food panty and in the office.  They learn skills that they can use in a permanent job and they learn the importance of showing up on time, how to fill out a time sheet and best work practices.

This program has allowed us to help those we serve more completely.  Our goal is to be able to help more people find meaningful work that they enjoy so that they will be able to provide for their families.



Inspiration From a Young Donor

Lauren Mann is a young donor who regularly donates baby food to the mission. We are honored to walk along side her as she serves babies in Eastern Kentucky.  Floyd County Kentucky has a child food insecurity rate of 30.7 percent.  This means that 30.7 percent of children in our area do not continually have access to healthy and affordable food.  We hope that Lauren's generosity will serve as an inspiration to other young people and encourage them to find a way to serve in their community.  Thank you Lauren for meeting a need in the lives of children in Eastern Kentucky!



Random Acts of Kindness


Earlier this year we had a group of teen volunteers from Lexington Catholic High School.  These students assisted us with our home repair program by working on several houses in the area doing everything from rebuilding a deck, to roof repair.  During the week a small group of these students went to Prestonsburg and did random acts of kindness for people they came in contact with.  They paid for groceries, bought meals for people at restaurants and simply enjoyed the company of those they met.  Many people were overjoyed by this simple act of kindness.  Some cried, some laughed and a few would not accept the kind gesture.  They even had people who saw what they were doing and gave them money to give to someone else. 

It is not about the gift, it's about showing others the love of Christ.  I challenge anyone who reads this to consider how you can be a light to those in your area, and show the love of Christ to someone in your everyday activities.  Let your life endeavor to reflect the hope, mercy, grace and unending love that was poured out on us by Jesus at Calvary.

A quote from a Lexington Catholic School Group Member

“Having the opportunity to pay it forward to people in the David area was a truly amazing experience and something I had never done before. Paying it forward gave me the privilege of seeing God’s love work in other people’s lives. The pure joy and gratitude that was expressed by the people we helped was an awesome thing to see and something I will never forget.”
Brian Reinhart



If you desire to serve with St. Vincent Mission and to be a light in this community please call 606-886-2513.

We also host community gatherings at the mission.  We love to gather our community together, fellowship and of course eat!